A little Fordante update…

Suite for The Fallen SoldierIt’s been quiet on the Fordante front. Concert wise we’re waiting to hear back from multiple venues, promoters and agencies to confirm dates.  Although there are several in the pipeline I’m holding back on any announcements until we’ve got the list complete.

In the meantime what has been taking a lot of my composing time is something slightly different to what Fordante has performed to date.  In May 2015 I was commissioned to compose some music to commemorate the centenary of World War 1 supported through Heritage Lottery/Feckenham PCC.  What was initially requested as a 10 to 15 minute piece of music soon developed into a suite of 45 – 50 minutes of music once the subject matter was explored.

I’m looking forwards to the premier of this music ‘Suite For The Fallen Solider’ on Armistice Day 2016, being performed by over 80 voices and instrumentalists.  Some of this music I’m sure will be rearranged and find its way into the Fordante repertoire.

Further information and studio recordings can be found here: http://philmountford.com/classical-composer/