Debut Concert Tour finshed on a high

I guess all the good things come to an end at some point and last Saturday evening was no exception. Fordante finished the debut tour on a high, obviously sad that it’s been completed but feeling very happy once again with the great audience feedback we’ve received.

Chelmarsh Concert
Chelmarsh Concert

Back in mid 2008 when I started creating Fordante after spending several years composing the music I really had no idea of how we would be recieved. After all, it’s not like there’s a plethora of new and accessible classical music. So trying something different was always going to be a risk which was why I was glad that the UK Arts Council could recognise our potential in supporting us. Having said that, I never intended to create music that was highbrow or difficult to understand – for me melody and emmotion are king – so having something pleasurable to listen to on first or second concert hearing was important to me back when I began writing the music for Fordante. (And for such a short tour it was great to recognise faces that were indeed coming back for a second time!).

So I feel a big thank you is in order for both the players who are bringing my music to life and to our audiences for supporting and enjoying the music that we’re making. And don’t forget to stay in touch for announcements of forthcomming concerts – some of which have already been confirmed – watch this space…

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