Arts Alive Showcase

We’ve just returned from the Arts Alive Showcase at Clun in Shropshire where we were asked to perform a taster from our concert program so that the rural touring events organisers within the region could have an idea as to how we sounded should they wish to include us in their programming. I’m happy to report all went well although we’ve never set up, tuned up, put on the Venetian masks and been ready to play in such a short space of time before. One of the acts at the showcase couldn’t turn up so we were on a little earlier than expected!

I would like to thank Sian (and Mel) from Arts Alive for including us in their menu and having this opportunity to perform our music. I didn’t realise quite how many acts there are looking for openings to be included in these showcases and touring menus – so I very much appreciate being given this opportunity and I hope we didn’t disappoint.

Arts Alive Showcase
Fordante on stage at the Arts Alive Showcase in Clun

I was approached after our performance by one of the promoters to say that the performance of Gabriel’s Oboe had brought tears to their eyes. Initially I wondered whether were out of tune, but I didn’t need to fear as they commented it was the emmotion of the piece of music that had had this effect. To be fare, that’s the second time someone has come up to me about this beautiful piece by Morricone.

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