Freezing Weather Influences Music Composing?

At this moment in time I should be working on the music score for a corporate video but sometimes you just can’t get your head into the right gear for the relevant project.  So what started off as a piece of music supposedly written as the opening for this video has now turned into something far too filmic – but just right for Fordante.

It just made me realise how unpredictable the process of writing music really is.  Sure, you can keep working on ideas until you hit on the right note (ahem) but I think sometimes it’s great to let your mind wonder and see where you end up (when you’ve got the luxury of time that is).   Which made me think how unscientific this process is.  Or is it?  When writing music (or doing anything creative I guess) are we reacting to our immediate environment and influenced by our surroundings? On this cold Friday morning, the studio hasn’t warmed up and I’m starting to get fed up of looking out of my window at the frozen fields and snow covered hills and I’m sure it’s having some effect on what I’ve just composed.

Mind you though, in this case I’m glad it has.

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