BCMG & Networking Events

If success can be determined by the number of connected people I met then yesterday was pretty succesful.

First I had an interesting meeting with Rob the marketing manager for the BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group) discussing how they reach their existing and new audiences.  For those that may not have heard of the BCMG they are a world renowned ensemble that both tour and perform concerts in their home city of Birmingham playing music from new composers.  As you would expect from being able to utilize members of the CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), they are an internationally acclaimed ensemble.


Following this was the monthly Birmingham Music Network meeting hosted by professional bones player Andy Derrick (ADJQ). Here I met photographer Spence who may well be working with us in conjunction with Fordante’s album release and future photographic shoots.

At the monthly evening Creative Networks event at the Birmingham City University Millenium Point I spoke with Matt from DittoMusic who are digital music aggregators and are one of the suggested routes in getting new music out to the likes of iTunes, Amazon and Play.com.  I’m looking forward to working with these guys in the coming months.

Arts Alive Showcase

We’ve just returned from the Arts Alive Showcase at Clun in Shropshire where we were asked to perform a taster from our concert program so that the rural touring events organisers within the region could have an idea as to how we sounded should they wish to include us in their programming. I’m happy to report all went well although we’ve never set up, tuned up, put on the Venetian masks and been ready to play in such a short space of time before. One of the acts at the showcase couldn’t turn up so we were on a little earlier than expected!

I would like to thank Sian (and Mel) from Arts Alive for including us in their menu and having this opportunity to perform our music. I didn’t realise quite how many acts there are looking for openings to be included in these showcases and touring menus – so I very much appreciate being given this opportunity and I hope we didn’t disappoint.

Arts Alive Showcase
Fordante on stage at the Arts Alive Showcase in Clun

I was approached after our performance by one of the promoters to say that the performance of Gabriel’s Oboe had brought tears to their eyes. Initially I wondered whether were out of tune, but I didn’t need to fear as they commented it was the emmotion of the piece of music that had had this effect. To be fare, that’s the second time someone has come up to me about this beautiful piece by Morricone.

More photos from Chelmarsh Concert

I thought I’d post some other photos from our Chelmarsh Concert.

Here’s a picture of our cellist, Bec, who has just come on stage masked and yet deep in concentration as she usually is mid performance.

Fordante Cellist
Fordante Cellist

Another photo with just the three string players and yours truly on keyboards.

Fordante violin, viola, keyboards, cellist - oboe out of shot
Fordante violin, viola, keyboards, cellist

Audience Feedback

I’ve just added a page called Feedback with, not suprisingly, some of the feedback we have had from our series of concerts so far.  I must say that I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive and supportive comments and I particularly appreciated the following:

“Really enjoyed the whole evening – the music was accessible – even to non-musical people like me!”

I liked this remark because it sums up precisely what I’ve been trying to achieve with the music of Fordante – to create music that is both enjoyable and accessible.

Audience feedback
Audience feedback

Bridgnorth Concert review

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reprint a section out of the write up from the glossy Shropshire Review magazine that’s just been printed:

“The music is described as crossover classical and has been specially composed by Phil for the tour.  The work has been much praised for its universal appeal, reaching out to both classical ad contemporary music lovers with equal success. ”

“The group made its debut in December playing to an appreciative audience who were entranced by the unique sound of the baroque/big screen fusion, seamlessly blended. This is genuinely new music, not pastiche or the reworking of established classics and must be regarded as a genre in its own right.  Catch it while you can.”

Film Soundtracks
Shropshire Review magazine front cover

BBC Radio Shropshire Interview

I think today can pretty much be considered a day of promotion for the ensemble.  I’ve just come back from being interviewed by BBC Radio Shropshire at their Telford studio.  I don’t know why but put a microphone in front of me and any sense of cohesion in what I’m saying just disappears.  Fortunately it was all recorded for broadcasting in early December (prior to week of the Bridgnorth Concert) and interviewer Clare Ashford assured me of the wonders of editing.

I arrived home to find a rather large box of flyers outside my studio waiting for distribution. I thought I’d include a copy here for completeness just incase you don’t manage to pick one up from any of the libraries, leisure centres, tourist informations centres and other outlets that they shall appear in soon around South Shropshire.

Doing a Google search for ‘Fordante’ now is starting to return some results after contacting various sites for inclusion of the upcomming concerts.  Thank you to all those websites that have included us.  A special mention must be given to Mark from Iron Man Records and founder of the Birmingham Music Network that I’ve recently become part of and for his support and inclusion in his press release mailout.

fordante flyer

fordante flyer back