Mastering engineer Dave Mitson

I have been lucky enough to have a very talented mastering engineer (Dave Mitson of the Mitsonian Institute) involved with mastering our album. Having worked on albums by Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Neil Diamond and film soundtracks this is someone who knows his craft. And now he’s finished and I’m absolutely blown away by what he’s added.

Fordante mastering
Fordante mastering

For those unsure of what the mastering engineer does, he (or she) is the person who takes the final mixed recordings and adjusts levels, adds a bit of sparkle and basically puts that little bit of magic onto the recording that only a mastering engineer knows how! So a big thanks to Dave for his stirling work.

If you’ve got a project you need mastering I can’t recommend Dave strongly enough. You can find out more at:

BCMG & Networking Events

If success can be determined by the number of connected people I met then yesterday was pretty succesful.

First I had an interesting meeting with Rob the marketing manager for the BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group) discussing how they reach their existing and new audiences.  For those that may not have heard of the BCMG they are a world renowned ensemble that both tour and perform concerts in their home city of Birmingham playing music from new composers.  As you would expect from being able to utilize members of the CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), they are an internationally acclaimed ensemble.


Following this was the monthly Birmingham Music Network meeting hosted by professional bones player Andy Derrick (ADJQ). Here I met photographer Spence who may well be working with us in conjunction with Fordante’s album release and future photographic shoots.

At the monthly evening Creative Networks event at the Birmingham City University Millenium Point I spoke with Matt from DittoMusic who are digital music aggregators and are one of the suggested routes in getting new music out to the likes of iTunes, Amazon and  I’m looking forward to working with these guys in the coming months.

Fordante Album ‘THE ARRIVAL’ Taster Tracks Uploaded

I’ve just uploaded some of the tracks onto the Music page so that you can get a taste of what will be on the album ‘The Arrival‘ when it is released early 2010.

Fordante concept CD cover artwork
Fordante concept artwork CD cover for The Arrival debut album

Above is the concept artwork for the CD cover and although I like the colours I don’t think we’ll be using itand mask as it doesn’t say enough about us.

New Radnor Concert (MiNR)

A very warm reception was felt at the last concert in New Radnor, just over the border into Wales. It’s always interesting to hear audience feedback because this is new music to most listeners and when it’s so well received it’s really appreciated.

Thanks also to Mary for providing us with a tastey picnic before we went on.

Birmingham ArtsFest photos

Here’s something I forgot to mention recently – ArtsFest. Great experience playing outside in an open air stage with cascading water running under your feet!

Fordante at ArtsFest Birmingham 2009
ArtsFest 2009 Birmingham featuring Fordante
Fordante at ArtsFest Birmingham 2009
ArtsFest 2009 Birmingham featuring Fordante

It’s always great to perform although thats not to say that it went quite as smoothly as it should! On the one hand it’s nice to not have to take the stage piano, mixer, amplification, lighting etc. However, it’s abit scary when you’re trying to play a piano with no sustain pedal. Worse still this piano decided to sustain every note – not a pleasent sound at times. So lesson learnt: Whenever I’m told you don’t need your own equipment ignore it!

It was fun though.

New Radnor concert this weekend

The summer seems to have flown by and now the autumn concert season is upon us. We’re looking forwards playing over in picturesque New Radnor this Sunday evening 11th October at 7:30pm. Further information can be found at

Just returned from photoshoot

Just returned from photoshoot where we’ve had loads of photos of Fordante taken. Some atmospheric (moody), some deep in thought (playing) and a couple even managed to get us all smiling. But which ones actually make it onto the website and into the brochures, we’ll have to wait and see….

ArtsFest concert confirmed

After a bit of juggling backwards and forwards with dates we’ve just heard that Fordante are going to be performing at the Birmingham ArtsFest on Sunday 13th September. We’ll be appearing at the Victoria Square stage between 15:00 to 15:30.

I’m looking forward to be playing back in Birmingham again.

Fordante at ArtsFest Birmingham 2009
ArtsFest 2009 Birmingham featuring Fordante

Further info about ArtsFest from

Recordings completed

Well that’s the last of the recordings done in the studio. I’m now busy working on the editing and post production to get the music sounding just right.

I’m not sure whether I mentioned the track selection but following our helpful feedback from our earlier concerts I’ve whittled the tracklist down to 12. I’ve mixed down three tracks so far and I’m really pleased with how they’re sounding. I’m putting together a promo CD at the same time and some of these track excerpt I’ll put up on this site as soon as I can. It’s all so hectic getting this album complete…

Second Album In The Works

It’s been pretty busy over here at, ahem, Fordante Towers – following the arrival of a couple of microphones for the recording sessions next week I’ve been experimenting with different recording techniques so that when these fine musicians get into the studio I’ll be concentrating on the musical performances rather than microphone placements.

For those interested I recently purchased a large condensor and a ribbon mic following some helpful advice from folks with more classical recording experience than I could ever hope to have on the forum over at SoundOnSound. Thanks guys!

In getting the temp tracks and performances ready for the recording sessions I’ve actually been sidetracks a little and inspired to compose more music for the follow up album – but one thing at a time, let’s get this one in the can first.