Fordante at Countesthorpe College Theatre

I think it is fair to say that Fordante had an absolute ball last night at Countesthorpe College Theatre, Leicester.  Great lighting, sharp video projection and acoustics aside, the atmosphere and audience were great which made for a really enjoyable show and an a pleasure to be able to perform there.  Many thanks to Centre Stage and Active Arts for organising the concert.

Fordante at Countesthorpe Community College Theatre

Fordante continue their tour and are moving over to Rutland tonight for a concert at Moreton.

Fordante start 2014 at Loughborough Endowed Music School

Fordante kicked of the 2014 season last night with a concert at Loughborough Endowed Music School.

Fordante perform A Night At The Movies at Loughborough Endowed Music School
Fordante perform A Night At The Movies at Loughborough Endowed Music School

Tonight the tour continues around Leicestershire with a concert at Countesthorpe Community College in Leicester through Centre Stage rural touring.

Fordante Concert Tonight Leadenham Hall, Lincolnshire

Many thanks to everyone last night at the Mareham le Fen concert and our new friends at Hemingby and Nettleton from the previous concerts.  Sadly, tonight is our last concert in Lincolnshire but hopefully we’ll be back in the not too distant future as you’ve all made us very welcome.

One notable comment from a gentleman in the audience was “the Best musical concert I’ve ever been too in my 72 years – it almost moved me to tears”.

Fordante in Lincolnshire on stage
Fordante on stage at Mareham le Fen

Next stop – Fordante are off to Derbyshire.

Busy Fordante Tour Starts

The tour started well – three concerts already have been performed in Nottinghamshire and we’re off to Lincolnshire tomorrow for another busy weekend with four concerts programmed.

These photos are of Fordante at Beeston last Saturday 19th Oct.

Fordante on stage at Chilwell Methodist Church


Concert Season for 2013/14 starts

Looking forwards to the first in the series of Fordante concerts which start tomorrow, 17th Oct Belton, then 18th Oct Appleby Magna and 19th Oct Beeston, Nottinghamshire.  New venues, new audiences, can’t wait!

Rehearsals Started Today

We’ve just finished our first rehearsal for the upcoming Fordante concerts.  The session was videoed and will be up on YouTube in a week or so.

This was a great opportunity to test out a recent microphone purchase for the studio – an SE Voodoo VR1.  First hearing of the results I must say are pleasing.  Other ribbons I’ve used tended to lack the detail that this mic has captured and I’ve previously found the condenser mics I’ve  used with Fordante were very top end and course sounding on the strings, particularly violin. From a quick listen to the takes so far using this ribbon mic reveal a much more controlled high end and more in line with what I was hearing in the session. So, so far thumbs up.

Oh, and the musicians were great too! (But then I guess I’ve come to expect that…)

Fordante 25 Date Concert Tour Announced

I’m really excited to announce that Fordante will be starting our biggest tour to date – 25 concerts in the UK commencing on the 17th October 2013 through to 14th June 2014.  This season Fordante have been picked up by 5 Rural Touring agencies and will be seen performing  in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Staffordshire.

Fordante Tour Dates Announced
Fordante Tour Dates Announced for 2013/14 season

Further information and concert dates can be found here.