BCMG & Networking Events

If success can be determined by the number of connected people I met then yesterday was pretty succesful.

First I had an interesting meeting with Rob the marketing manager for the BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group) discussing how they reach their existing and new audiences.  For those that may not have heard of the BCMG they are a world renowned ensemble that both tour and perform concerts in their home city of Birmingham playing music from new composers.  As you would expect from being able to utilize members of the CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), they are an internationally acclaimed ensemble.


Following this was the monthly Birmingham Music Network meeting hosted by professional bones player Andy Derrick (ADJQ). Here I met photographer Spence who may well be working with us in conjunction with Fordante’s album release and future photographic shoots.

At the monthly evening Creative Networks event at the Birmingham City University Millenium Point I spoke with Matt from DittoMusic who are digital music aggregators and are one of the suggested routes in getting new music out to the likes of iTunes, Amazon and Play.com.  I’m looking forward to working with these guys in the coming months.