ArtsFest concert confirmed

After a bit of juggling backwards and forwards with dates we’ve just heard that Fordante are going to be performing at the Birmingham ArtsFest on Sunday 13th September. We’ll be appearing at the Victoria Square stage between 15:00 to 15:30.

I’m looking forward to be playing back in Birmingham again.

Fordante at ArtsFest Birmingham 2009
ArtsFest 2009 Birmingham featuring Fordante

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Recordings completed

Well that’s the last of the recordings done in the studio. I’m now busy working on the editing and post production to get the music sounding just right.

I’m not sure whether I mentioned the track selection but following our helpful feedback from our earlier concerts I’ve whittled the tracklist down to 12. I’ve mixed down three tracks so far and I’m really pleased with how they’re sounding. I’m putting together a promo CD at the same time and some of these track excerpt I’ll put up on this site as soon as I can. It’s all so hectic getting this album complete…

Second Album In The Works

It’s been pretty busy over here at, ahem, Fordante Towers – following the arrival of a couple of microphones for the recording sessions next week I’ve been experimenting with different recording techniques so that when these fine musicians get into the studio I’ll be concentrating on the musical performances rather than microphone placements.

For those interested I recently purchased a large condensor and a ribbon mic following some helpful advice from folks with more classical recording experience than I could ever hope to have on the forum over at SoundOnSound. Thanks guys!

In getting the temp tracks and performances ready for the recording sessions I’ve actually been sidetracks a little and inspired to compose more music for the follow up album – but one thing at a time, let’s get this one in the can first.

Debut Album Update

Just a quick update as I’ve received quite a few emails recently following our tour as to when the debut album will be released. Well the good news is that we’re going into the studio at the end of May so although I can’t give any definate timescales at this stage, I would expect it to be completed mid/late summer.
I’ll keep you posted.

Albrighton, Broseley & Cleobury Concerts

Sadly, we are nearing the last concert in our premiere tour around Shropshire having just completed three consecutive Saturday evening performances at Cleobury Mortimer Parish Hall, the Victoria Hall in Broseley and the Red House in Albrighton (near Wolverhampton).

The feedback from all of the shows has been very positive and appreciative which is obviously great to hear.  We were overwhelmed with the comments of well-wishing and constructive support.  There were questionaires available to offer any suggestions to how we could improve as I’m very keen to know how we can make the concerts and our music as enjoyable as possible for everyone’s benefit.  While I’m on the subject I’ll take this opportunity to thank the audience members for taking the time and even writing complete pages of useful comments!  Many of these we have taken on board resulting in changes to the layout and programme.

Cleobury Mortimer

Bridgnorth Concert review

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reprint a section out of the write up from the glossy Shropshire Review magazine that’s just been printed:

“The music is described as crossover classical and has been specially composed by Phil for the tour.  The work has been much praised for its universal appeal, reaching out to both classical ad contemporary music lovers with equal success. ”

“The group made its debut in December playing to an appreciative audience who were entranced by the unique sound of the baroque/big screen fusion, seamlessly blended. This is genuinely new music, not pastiche or the reworking of established classics and must be regarded as a genre in its own right.  Catch it while you can.”

Film Soundtracks
Shropshire Review magazine front cover

Concert now includes well loved film music

We’ve decided to include some well known and loved film music into our concert – music that has inspired and influenced me over the years and are soundtracks that I listen to again and again.

Fordante feel that these tie in well with the programme and are a few of my personal favourites from some of the most talented living film composers, so I have been busy arranging and orchestrating the music from the following soundtracks for our ensemble:

  • ‘Schindler’s List’
  • ‘The Mission – Gabriel’s Oboe’
  • ‘Titanic medley’
  • Music from the ‘Gladiator’
Film Soundtracks
Film Soundtracks

New Studio Recordings Uploaded

I’ve just uploaded a couple of recordings from when I managed to get Fordante into the studio a couple of weeks back. This week I’ve spent a few days mixing these recordings down so you can take a browse to the Music page (also linked at the top of this page) and listen to Chase and Adagio 2.

The two Bec's - oboe & cello players

The photo shows the two Bec’s (oboe & cello) in the studio taking a break between the recording sessions and trying on the Venetian masks.